Standards of Leak detector spray GASPRUF®-Flussig

Leak detection agent DIN DVGW

The leak detector spray GASPRUF®-Flussig is and will continue to be tested by the Deutschen Verein des Gas- und Wasser­faches (DVGW) It meets all DIN-DVGW-standards of the latest version (DIN EN 14291). There­fore it was approved under DIN DVGW registration no. NG-5170AN0456.

The leak detection agent within GASPRUF®-Flussig is non-flammable, non-toxic and suitable for all technical gases including pneumatic. Under BAM No. 12215/78 4-44633 the German "Bundes­anstalt für Material­prüfung" (BAM; engl.: Federal Institution for Material Inspection) explicitly approved GASPRUF® for the use in oxygen installa­tions. Additionally, it is in accordance with the international standard ASTM E515


  • DIN EN 14291
  • DIN-DVGW-Nr. NG-5170AN0456
  • BAM 12215/78 4-44633
  • ASTM E515

The active substances do not cause any corrosion neither short-term nor long-term because it's long lasting corrosion-protective effect is based on the formation of a protective film.

For the formation of foam so called surface active agents were used. Pure synthetic surface active agents are used in all GASPRUF® products; these are without oil, fat, fat acids and all soap solids.

New: GASPRUF®-Flussig with freezing protection down to -24°C.

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