Leak detector spray with trigger sprayer instead of an aerosol can

Leak detector with screwed sprayer

Leak detector GASPRUF®-Flussig should be operated with a trigger sprayer This reuseable sprayer must be ordered separately. Due to it's durability we offer a 100% guarantee.

The use of a trigger sprayer versus a conventional aerosol can with a propellant has many advantages for you:

Advantages for you

  • A trigger sprayer is adjustable from 0° to 30°, a conventional aerosol can lacks this functionality.
  • The bottle has 500 ml quantity. (Conventional aerosol cans have only 380 - 420 g, dependent on the manufacturer.)
  • GASPRUF®-Flussig contains 100 % active substance, unlike aerosol cans, in which a part of the content is an aerosol propellant.
  • The content can be emptied down to the last drop. Without a propellant an aerosol can cannot be completely drained.
  • A propellant is non-existent, thereby making our product eco-friendly! Aerosol cans are not only an ecological menace, but additionally, a potential explosive risk if heated to more than 50° Celsius (for example, left in the car on a very hot day)!