Leak detection agent GASPRUF®-Paste

Leak detector
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Highly concentrated GASPRUF®-Paste and GASPRUF®-Special

Leak detection agent GASPRUF®-Paste

Leak detector GASPRUF®-Paste is a highly concentrated paste which is delivered in a 1 kg can. It must be diluted with water before use. The chemical composition of our GASPRUF®- Paste compared to our GASPRUF®-Flussig differs, and as a result can be used seemlessly with every quality of tap water. Through the extremely high dilution ratio of 1 to 400 it is especially suitable for bulk consumers with a need of 1000 litres and more.

Consistent with all GASPRUF® products, GASPRUF®-Paste offers pure synthetic surface active agents. We omit oil, fat, fat acids and all soap solids. GASPRUF®-Paste is non-flammable, non-toxic, and therefore, is suitable for all technical gases including pneumatic.The "Bundes­anstalt für Materialprüfung" (BAM; engl.: Federal Institution for Material Inspection) explicitly approved GASPRUF® under the number BAM 12215/1978 4-4633 for the use in oxygen installations. Additionally, it is in accordance with the international standard ASTM E515

Leak detector GASPRUF®-Paste can be used in high, middle and low-pressure range. It is suitable for all gas and pneumatic-installations, for machinery as well as tank constructions.


  • BAM 12215/78 4-44633
  • ASTM E515
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