The Company History
The founder
Products 1940
Medals 1951/52
Construction in Ainring
Development GASPRUF
Business premises Ainring
Products 1975
Products 1990
Otto Fahsig EDV
Original announcement 1941 On December 17, 1940, during World War II, the founder Otto Fahsig Sr., applied to register his five year old company at the commercial register in Düssel­dorf (Germany). On January 21, 1941, our company was officially registered. Due to the effects of the war the business premises had to be moved several times in Düssel­dorf. First, the company was at Tussmann Street No. 33. Next, it was on Franklin Street, then on Rethel­Street and finally, in Düssel­dorf-Benrath on Haupt­strasse (Mainstreet) No. 10. During the war one storage was destroyed by bombs and another was lost in a fire caused by an incendiary bomb. Delivery vehicles were destroyed or con­fiscated by the armed forces of that time. Consequently, the office and supply depot of the company were temporarily moved to Weesp, Netherlands.
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